Let us cover all out- and inbound channels this canvass

We know that for every canvass, our customers consider how to reduce costs, improve response rates, and maximise completeness and accuracy.

We’re delighted to say that we now have all outbound and inbound canvass channels covered, allowing users of our software and services to reduce spending and concentrate their team on engaging with their electorate.


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The most cost-effective way of getting responses

Many customers have chosen to save money and the environment on the distribution of their HEFs, having already placed orders for our eCanvass service. This allows them to send HEFs electronically and receive responses through our IVR solution, even before they’ve printed them.

Lewes District Council successfully boosted their canvass response rates and increased electoral registrations by using the service. Read the case study here.

Scanning Bureau

The most cost-effective way to process paper HEFs

A number of customers have put their confidence in our Scanning Bureau service for the receiving, opening, sorting and scanning paper HEFs. This has the capacity to scan over 1.5 million documents a day, so handling all completed HEFs is a breeze. The HEF images seamlessly transfer into the EMS, freeing up time to improve accuracy and completeness.

Our partner, Hugh-Symons, has reduced their cost to us so we’re passing the savings onto our customers. We’ve introduced an even lower-cost service that includes everything except the sorting.

Tablet Canvassing app

The most cost-effective way to door-knock

Our brand new Tablet Canvassing app enables canvassers to easily and quickly gather HEFs and ITRs at the doorstep, allowing them to visit more houses, saving cost and enabling our customers to improve completeness and accuracy.

Designed following extensive customer input and trials, the solution is fully integrated with our EMS software, allowing users to import canvass data quickly and efficiently without having to process forms manually.

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