Providing intuitive technology for complete accuracy and reassurance, combined with a fully managed service, tailored to your needs

Designed with flexibility in mind, our Postal Vote Checking Software supports effective postal vote verification for smaller councils through to some of the biggest with over 90,000 postal voters, delivering the speed, accuracy and security needed to reduce manual input.

Enabling Returning Officers to compare 100% of signatures and dates of birth on returned Postal Vote Statements with stored application forms, the Postal Vote Checking software has the ability to seamlessly interface with our EMS and a number of electoral systems from other providers, in order to deal with cross-boundary elections.

Fully portable, the software allows users to run their opening sessions at remote locations, even outside the council’s network infrastructure for ultimate flexibility. It also provides extensive automated reporting and management information on postal vote returns on demand.

Our Postal Vote Managed Service offering is delivered as an outsourced managed service, tailored to meet your needs. This provides a 'pop-up shop' with all hardware along with a dedicated Project Manager and Technical Support on site for the duration of the election. This ensures you can run your postal vote opening sessions with complete security and confidence. If required, the solution can be moved to a count centre on polling day.

How will it benefit me?

  • Offers fast, accurate and reliable postal vote verification for authorities of any size
  • Automated checking process for ease and speed
  • Access to statistical screens, reports and auditing tools allowing you to retain control
  • Outsourcing options available for expert support and efficiency, especially at a time when resources and budgets are tight

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