Streamlining processes for elections success

Providing end-to-end support throughout the elections process, our EMS helps electoral administrators deliver savings through smarter, efficient working.

Whether your election is single, combined or multiple, our EMS facilitates a more orderly, comprehensive and effective election management process.

Already used by seven of the 10 largest registration authorities in the UK, the system is compatible for all elections ranging from parish to Parliamentary and including Scottish, Welsh and London and devolved regional governments.

Combined or overlapped elections are able to run concurrently with the system also configurable to automate applicable elector and house transitions, meaning if no human decision is required the system will function automatically, freeing your expertise for where it really matters.

We continue to work closely with our customers to ensure we are constantly refining and evolving our system. For this reason, our EMS doesn’t simply comply with legislative requirements; it has been developed to give customers additional functionality that allows them to manage their registers in a way that suits them best.

How will it benefit me?

  • Designed to comply with all legislative requirements and Electoral Commission Guidance providing peace of mind
  • Offers additional functionality giving you the flexibility to manage your register in a way that aligns with individual authority needs
  • Workflow screens provide simple, at-a-glance views of complex procedures
  • Delivers extensive reporting and data insight on a range of IER-related areas

Our answer to GDPR

Preserving data anonymity with the Idox Elections Data Scrambler Tool

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