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Already used in the UK to train over 85,000 polling station staff across 80 authorities, Election Trainer provides access to high-quality, convenient training in a way that engages staff and fits around individual schedules.

Election Trainer is our cost-effective, online training solution designed to make training your polling station staff quicker, easier and more efficient. As a modern, web-based tool, the solution avoids the complexity of having to organise multiple face-to-face sessions, allowing your staff to complete the training at a place, pace and time to suit them.

The solution has been designed to engage students' minds and motivate them during the course with interactive, repeatable exercises based on the Electoral Commission’s guidelines. The course is not only informative and engaging, it’s also regularly updated to keep pace with changing legislation so you can be sure your staff are getting the information they need.

The training ensures a consistent message is delivered to all Poll Clerks and Presiding Officers while being flexible to work around individual student commitments. A key benefit is that students can learn at their own pace, at a time that suits them and from any location with an internet connected device. As students take an online assessment at the end of each course, you also have greater visibility of staff progress and development and have the confidence and the paperwork you need to demonstrate that your polling station staff are prepared for all their responsibilities.

How will it benefit me?

  • Allows you to provide high-quality online training in a cost-effective, flexible manner
  • Assessments and built-in reporting tools enable you to review staff performance
  • Educates staff with a motivating, engaging approach to training to encourage completion
  • Delivers greater flexibility to staff in how they learn

Facts and Figures

More than 85,000 polling station staff trained online since 2012

Election Trainer Trainee:

"The training was, as promised, easy to use and provided me with a reminder of my duties as a Presiding Officer and the new rules brought in for this election."

Elections by numbers

Over 14,000 polling station staff trained for the 2019 European Parliament Election and Local Elections

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