Facilitating the swift, accurate display of results in real time

Our intelligent reporting software enables local authorities to collate, verify and present election results online in a secure, timely manner via an interactive and user-friendly interface.

With an intelligent graphical display, our Election Count Reporting (ECR) software allows local authorities to simultaneously present declared results at the count centre and on the web in one easy step.

ECR enables the safe and secure entry of results data, and after approval by the Returning Officer, links the results to a publishing system to a highly-graphical and informative set of webpages. Various quality assurance checks are also in place to confirm the results before publication, giving you confidence that the displayed results are accurate.

Proven and established internationally, a European version of ECR was selected by the European Union to provide election count reporting across all 28 member states for the European Parliament Elections in 2014.

How will it benefit me?

  • Swiftly presents results in real time for efficient, streamlined elections
  • Customisable to align with your council’s branded webpage
  • User-friendly and interactive, reducing the reliance on IT staff to publish election results online
  • Enhances public outreach and interaction

Electoral Services Manager, London Borough of Hounslow:

"The ECR system was very easy to use and displayed our local council election results in an eye-catching and interactive manner. The site was user friendly and received much positive feedback over the election period."

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