Ensuring complete, accurate registers

With a cutting-edge matching algorithm, our Data Matching and Mining (DMM) solution looks at trusted data sources to find new electors, ensuring both register completeness and accuracy under IER.

Our innovative data matching and mining tool prevents the creation of duplicate electors and ensures resources are being targeted appropriately, eliminating the need for time-consuming and costly chasing cycles. The ability to bulk upload HEF data from universities and care homes brings additional efficiencies to your registration office, saving hours of processing time.

Proactive and ongoing data mining can also help to minimise the number of last-minute applications submitted just before an election, and reduce the number of changes generated during the canvass. This allows election teams to spend more time focusing on election delivery and work throughout the year, making the process manageable and efficient.

How will it benefit me?

  • Utilises trusted sources to deliver register completeness and accuracy
  • Safeguards against duplicate records with innovative matching algorithm
  • Allows election teams to be proactive, streamlining the flow of incoming applications
  • Specially designed for non-IT specialists, offering greater flexibility and accessibility

In the news

Figures show 80% increase in elector awareness following the adoption of our data mining solution

Data mining spotlight

Using intuitive technology to capture the student voice for Sheffield City Council

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