Delivering lightning-quick geographic changes

With our Atlas Geospatial solution, our customers can eliminate the lengthy, resource-intensive and error-prone activities associated with the manual processing of maintenance tasks, such as boundary changes and polling district reviews.

As the first of its kind for the UK elections industry, Atlas eliminates the common headaches associated with the manual processing of maintenance tasks, and allows electoral teams to visualise and engage with their area on an interactive map in order to quickly, effectively and accurately perform all types of geographic reviews and make the subsequent changes to their EMS.

As a scalable and flexible service, Atlas is an innovative facility that has the ability to advance and automate the future of electoral maintenance in your area, regardless of your EMS supplier, while at the same time reducing the costs associated with these practices.

Reducing the time it takes to action changes to minutes rather than months, the solution fully automates and improves geospatial electoral processes. It offers teams rich functionality, including the ability to:

  • compare current and new areas before taking action;
  • ensure your boundaries are coterminous across your various election levels; and
  • visually merge streets to see change outcomes in real-time using the major formats of GIS shape files.

Atlas Geospatial has already been used to conduct Europe’s largest ever boundary changes, as well as by many other customers of varying sizes. To find out more, contact us today or read the material below.

How will it benefit me?

  • Minimises time-consuming boundary reviews and other electoral maintenance processes, helping teams to complete them in minutes rather than months
  • Ensures accuracy at every stage by allowing users to perform trial runs before live
  • Enables users to engage with the changes visually and spatially on an interactive map, removing the need for cumbersome lists and paper maps
  • Improves geographical arrangements of electoral registers

A tale of two sites

How did Birmingham and South Lakeland accelerate their recent boundary change processes?

Tom Benson, Electoral Services Manager, South Lakeland DC

"I would not want to go through a boundary change without this technology. I can see possible applications for it in canvassing and statistics."

Facts and figures

We supported Europe’s biggest boundary change across 231 sq miles in just 26 mins

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