Providing a specialist scanning service that saves time, money and resource

Working in partnership, we've developed a remote, electoral scanning service that alleviates the pressures and drain of manual scanning and supports authorities in their move to a paper-light electoral office.

Our work with Hugh Symons Information Management and local authority partner, London Borough of Hounslow, has led to the development of a fully secure and scalable service that enables you to outsource the entire process of scanning paper documents and dealing with the confidential waste.

All scanned material is high quality – and the scanning operation fully BS10008 accredited – so that any scanned documents are legally admissible as a true likeness of the original. As such, you have the peace of mind to go completely paperless.

Scanning Bureau is a solution and service developed specifically for elections teams, in partnership with an elections team, giving you the assurance of being able to handle every kind of real-world exception in your incoming mail, such as:

  • unexpected documents arriving enclosed with a HEF or an ITR in an envelope;
  • enclosed original documents that may need to be returned to the elector; and
  • relevant writing or messages on irrelevant sides of the form, or even on the envelope.

Our Electoral Management System allows you to take action for all these scenarios without having any physical contact with the paper form.

Hugh Symons has a high scanning throughput, with the capacity to scan up to 2 million forms per day and that, along with the seamless and automatic interface in our EMS, allows forms to enter the system at the click of a button, ready for processing. The process works faster than elections offices can get through their scanning backlogs, allowing you to provide a better service to your electorate.

We also take the hassle out of storing paper forms and will deal with the confidential destruction of documents in line with GDPR guidelines.

But don’t just take our word for it…

How will it benefit me?

  • Move to a paperless office – everything is completed externally and then automatically imported into your EMS
  • Save the costs of purchasing, maintaining, repairing and renewing scanners
  • Free up the office real estate used to accommodate paper form storage and bulky A3 scanners
  • No need to employ temporary staff during periods of heavy influx of paper mail
  • Eliminate the time and labour-intensive tasks of opening, sorting and scanning forms in-house
  • Allow your team to use their expertise to focus on value-added activities like outreach, and register completeness and accuracy
  • Confidence in accuracy and transparency with scanned images that are a true likeness of the original
  • Deal with confidential waste in line with GDPR requirements

"Hugh Symons and Idox have a long history of collaborating to bring efficiencies to the public sector, and we’re delighted to work with the Idox Elections team to help Hounslow to do the same."

Chris Booth, Managing Director, Hugh Symons Information Management

"We’re really pleased with the progress made so far – 17,000 postal returns and we haven’t had to open a single envelope, scan in a single form, search for storage space or employ any temporary staff! It takes the Scanning Bureau only a matter of hours to open, sort and scan the forms, freeing up staff to deal with enquiries efficiently, providing a better customer experience to the residents of Hounslow."

Kully Tumber, Electoral Services Manager, London Borough of Hounslow

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