Presenting a timely, cost-effective approach to capturing preferences

Idox IVR is a modern, flexible and automated response service, specifically designed to assist local authorities in confirming their elector's registration, opt out or postal vote application request.

Redeveloped with the latest technology and IER in mind, its easy-to-use and customisable interface meets the latest accessibility standards and fully supports three channels of communication – telephone, internet and text message. The system is proven to be more cost effective than using the post or canvassing, reducing the manual collection of information and entry of data.

eCanvass & IVR

Our service also extends to eCanvassing, offering a simple means of emailing HEFs to households and inviting them to respond electronically before the formal canvass starts. The solution offers both time and cost-saving opportunities, requiring no printing or postage.

Via our eCanvass solution, we have already achieved significant milestones for local authorities in the most recent 2018 canvass, including:

  • Emailed 1,024,441 households – equivalent to 313 trees worth of HEFs
  • Received responses from 31.9% of households – representing 17,250 hours worth of work saved

How will it benefit me?

  • Fully automated solution delivering time, resource and cost efficiencies
  • Integrates with your EMS to ensure complete data integrity and transparency
  • Customisable, giving you the flexibility to use your own logos, and allow you to decide what addition, deletion or change options you want your electors to use
  • Delivers valuable insight with online visibility of canvass statistics
  • Supports up to 10 or 18 languages by telephone, keeping your services accessible
  • Provides protection of data transferred to you so information is safe and secure

Kim Bryce, Electoral Services Lead, Lewes District Council:

"Idox's eCanvass solution provided a cost-effective, automated answer to what is usually a lengthy and challenging exercise. Given its success, it's likely we'll follow the same process for next year's canvass too."

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IVR proves its worth with 31% increase in responses

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