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Five key challenges facing electoral administrators today

They’ve been called ‘the unsung heroes of democracy’, and in the past few years the UK’s electoral administrators have been facing unprecedented challenges that have placed enormous pressure on our voting system. Here, we take a look at just five...

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Lessons from America: Ideas and caveats from the US midterm elections

In January 2019, a new session of the United States Congress met for the first time since November 2018’s midterm elections. Beyond the impact on American politics, the 2018 vote shone a light on the management of elections in the US. Taking a closer look, can the midterms provide any lessons for the UK voting system?

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e-Elections: Are we ready to digitise democracy?

As digital technology continues to play a fundamental role in revolutionising services across the public sector, we discuss the challenges faced by electoral teams today, and how digital may be the answer to delivering a voting system truly fit for the 21st century.

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Identity politics: Could ID voting be here to stay?

With the exception of Northern Ireland, citizens voting in UK elections don't usually need to verify that they are who they say they are. But following the 2018 local elections, five areas in England piloted identity checks at polling stations. The pilots divided opinion but the question still remains – is ID voting here for the long term?

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Data Security

Effective data protection – the proof is in the preparation

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is one of the most anticipated pieces of legislation in Europe's history. Affecting industries, sectors and organisations across the EU, it's a topic few haven’t heard of and many are preparing for. So, what does it mean for the elections sector and what must be done to ensure compliance?

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Voting on Thursdays – What's Behind this British Tradition?

When it comes to voting, people have all sorts of traditions. Some voters always take a pen, others go straight to the pub afterwards, and some families vote together. But there's one voting tradition that overrides them all – namely, Thursdays. You might have noticed – or you might not – that General Elections are always held on a Thursday. Odd, right?

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