Idox Elections is contracted to support the Electoral Commission of Malta in delivering secure, timely, transparent and accurate counts for all of the country’s elections from 2019-2024.

With experience delivering over 100 eCounts, Idox Elections was responsible for providing an Electronic Vote Counting Solution to help transform the country's democratic processes. As part of the contract, the team supported a phased delivery and implementation process over an 18-month period to ensure a robust system fit for all future elections.

In May 2019, the team supported a successful MEP eCount in Malta, delivering a landmark election for the country. The team also supported the simultaneous election of councillors across Malta’s 68 localities for the 2019 Local Council elections.

Working alongside the Electoral Commission of Malta and Scytl, discover how we were a part of a nation’s electoral history…

Elections by numbers

Take a look at the numbers highlights from the 'landmark' May 2019 elections in Malta:

Thoughts from Chief Electoral Commissioner, Joseph Church:

"The Electoral Commission is very satisfied with the well-organised and timely delivery of software, services and hardware for the simultaneous election of councillors across Malta’s 68 Localities for the Local Council Elections and the election of 6 MEPs across 13 Electoral Divisions for the European Parliament Election.

"The speed and accuracy of the solution was essentially evident throughout all four counting days, generating very positive feedback from a number of stakeholders, including the major political parties."

Read the full statement here

“I am extremely proud of the efforts of the Idox team here in Malta and their dedication to the successful delivery of this project. We have worked incredibly hard to ensure the people of Malta have an electronic voting system that they can be proud of, and have complete trust in.

We are delighted to have been part of this historic moment for Malta and look forward to continuing to deliver the same electoral success in the years to come.”

Joanne Campbell
Head of Elections Services
Idox Elections

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