Lessons from America: Ideas and caveats from the US midterm elections

In January 2019, a new session of the United States Congress met for the first time since November 2018’s midterm elections. Beyond the impact on American politics, the 2018 vote shone a light on the management of elections in the US, with a particular focus on registration and voting issues arising on election day. Taking a closer look, can the midterms provide any lessons for the UK voting system?…

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How Would ‘Votes at 16’ Change the Future of General Elections?

‘Votes at 16’ is the official campaign calling for a lower voting age. It currently stands at 18, which excludes a number of politically active youngsters from participating in elections. Should it be changed? Or is 16 simply too young to vote? This post explores how reducing the voting age to 16 could change the future of British voting.…

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