Latest General Election News on Twitter

6 Twitter Accounts to Follow for the Latest General Election News

With fewer people finding time to read their daily newspaper, the Twittersphere is fast becoming the most popular source of news. Updates are instant, easy to access and wide ranging. The problem is filtering out the irrelevant (and even fake) news stories. 

With the general election only days away, access to accurate, trustworthy news sources is more important than ever. Read on for our six favourite Twitter accounts for reliable general election news.

  1. The Electoral Commission @ElectoralCommUK

The Electoral Commission is the independent body in charge of elections in the UK. They provide essential information about voter registration, how you can vote and when you should vote, as well as some handy resources to help you find who’s standing in your local area.

  1. BBC Politics @BBCPolitics

The BBC aims to give all parties a fair say in elections. Impartiality is one of their main selling points. And their dedicated political Twitter account is the best place to see it all. Follow them for instant updates on all the parties’ conferences, speeches and policies.

  1. C4 News FactCheck @FactCheck

With all the policy promises and smear campaigns, it can be hard to find a source of news that remains impartial. Channel 4’s FactCheckaims to do just that. With an analysis of cold, hard facts, the C4 team aim to look beyond the soundbites and provide some clarity.

  1. Britain Elects @britainelects

The polls are a good way to keep up with how parties or candidates are doing. They provide an insight into voting intention and highlight the public’s opinion on a range of policies. But no one poll should be used as a predictor of the results. Britain Elects is a poll aggregator, sharing the latest polling results from all providers as well as a useful polling average update.

  1. Theresa May @theresa_may

As well as getting all the impartial news and statistics, it’s worth keeping up to date with what the candidates themselves are saying. Theresa May posts regular updates from the campaign trail as well as clips from election broadcasts, interviews and speeches.

  1. Jeremy Corbyn @jeremycorbyn

Of course, it’s important to get both sides of the story. The leader of the opposition, Jeremy Corbyn, regularly posts similar updates to the PM, as well as sharing posts from members of his shadow cabinet and information on key policies. To get a broader picture, you might also want to follow leaders of the other main opposition parties – Nicola SturgeonTim FarronLeanne WoodCaroline Lucas and Paul Nuttall.

Anything we’ve missed?

These general election experts should give you all the information you need in the next few days. We’ve tried to cover all of the bases to keep you in the know, but we’re always keen to hear suggestions. If you know any other great accounts for the latest election news, let us know in the comments section.