We're passionate about elections

We offer smart and scalable software and services, designed by elections professionals for elections professionals and delivered by our knowledgeable and well-resourced team.

We pride ourselves on offering modern and innovative solutions to complement society's increased demand for new technology and systems in the democratic process.

There are hundreds of public authorities across the UK responsible for running every government election and referendum for the voters in their area. We know that this is no minor feat.

Our portfolio is borne from over 25 years in this industry – we continually define and redefine to respond to changing industry demand and need. And, having been a key player in this market for close to three decades, we listen to our customers to ensure we provide the professional, state-of-the-art electoral management software, services and support that they need to perform their roles.

We're proud to support all elections and referenda – from Local to National and Parliamentary – ensuring that busy electoral services teams get the support they need.

Our comprehensive portfolio spans all core stages of an election to offer end-to-end guidance and expertise:

What we do

Our unique packages of software, services and support ensure electoral processes are faster and more efficient for everyone involved, supporting the delivery of successful elections time after time.

Discover our multi-faceted portfolio:

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