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We deliver trusted solutions across all areas of elections management, combining innovation with exceptional support to service a customer base spanning the UK and Europe.

Why Idox Elections?

From print to PVMS, from canvass tablets to call centre solutions, and from electronic voting to electoral data mining, we've got elections covered

Elections don’t just ‘happen’

Our expertise covers all elections and referenda – from Local to National and Parliamentary – ensuring that busy electoral services teams get the support they need

CASE STUDY – A Tale of Two Sites

Atlas delivers the speed, accuracy and flexibility to serve councils of all sizes. How did Birmingham and South Lakeland accelerate their recent boundary change processes?


Glasgow votes for Idox

Glasgow City Council discusses how our services have helped to deliver elections and referenda effectively.

Facts and Figures

Our electoral customers cover 126,198.39km of land – that's over 52% of the UK!

News and Insights

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  • Idox Elections on tour: Back from being on the road

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